We support students and foreign workers to get a job in Japan. What’s more, we support it up to visa application and housing status procedures.

A wide variety of industries

Hotel Service

We will support students who want to learn Japanese hospitality through internship.

Restaurant business

"Technology of public catering products" qualification.

Care work

This service is specialized for the long-term care industry, where the human resources is becoming more essential.

Information for an immigrant visa

specific skillsTechnical intern Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Servicesinternship
PurposeLimited to 14 specific industrial fields with the purpose of compensating for labor shortagesSkill transfer and international contribution from Japan to the partner countryA work visa for foreigners who have a certain degree of work experience or academic background such as university graduates to engage in work related to the content or work experience that they majored in.Conducted as part of the curriculum and allows foreign university students to experience work for a certain period of time at Japanese companies. Eligible for credits from foreign universities.
Kyrgyz sideNo restrictions No restrictions No restrictions No restrictions
Status of residenceSpecified Skill No. 1 Specified Skill No. 2 (No.2 can only be transferred to the construction industry and the shipbuilding / marine industry)Technical intern training No. 1 Technical intern training No. 2 Technical intern training No. 3 ( The transition to No. 3 is limited to the occupations and work specified by the ministerial ordinance.)Technology, Humanities knowledge, International Business①Remuneration will be paid from the specific activity visa company ② Short-term stay visa company does not pay remunerations
Period of stayNo. 1: 5 years; No. 2: no restrictionsNo. 1: 1 year; No. 2: 2 years ⇒ Can be transferred to Specified Skill No. 1 without examination; No. 3: 2 years ⇒ Can be transferred to Specified Skill No. 1 without examinationUp to 5 years (It is common to obtain a 1-year visa for the first application and repeat the procedure for renewal to extend the period of stay)① Specific activity visa up to 1 year ② Short-term stay visa less than 90 days
Family companionNo. 1: Not possible; No. 2: PossibleNot possiblePossible (* Spouse and children can stay with a family stay visa)Not possible
Japanese proficiency levelJapanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or aboveJapanese Language Proficiency Test : No requirementsNo requirementsNo requirements
Skill levelPassed the specified skill evaluation test or completed the technical intern training No. 2.Skill test: No requirementsJunior college degree or above (If you do not meet the academic background requirements, you will be exempted from the educational background requirements if you have a certain level of work experience. The content of the major and the content of the job must be related)No requirements
Acceptable candidatesWork-ready / technical intern No. 2 completion levelUndergraduate, Inexperienced people, etc.Foreigners with professional / technical educational background and work experience such as clerical work and engineersForeign university students (Must be related to what you learned at university and what you do in the internship)
TreatmentEquivalent to or more than Japanese (* exceeding the salary level of Technical Intern Training No. 2)Equivalent to or more than JapaneseEquivalent to or more than JapaneseRemuneration can be paid or charge free, there are no restrictions on the specific amount.
Job transferPossible if it is the same occupationNot possible (However, transfer is possible only from No. 2 to No. 3)Possible
Limit on the number of people that can be acceptedThere is no limit because it is a system to make up for labor shortageSince it is a skill transfer, there is a limit on the number of people to give appropriate guidance.
Coordination agenciesRecipient companies themselves can entrust support services to registered support organizationsCooperative (supervising organization)Employment contracts with public and private institutions are required. Contracts include employment, delegation, consignment, commissions, etc.An internship contract is required between the local university and the Japanese company
Menial job×××
ProsYou can hire human resources who have basic technical knowledge with Japanese ability and are ready to work; Employment as a labor shortage is possibleSince there is no test, the hurdle at the entrance is low and it is relatively easy to secure human resources.Multilingual in three or more languages is not uncommon, and it is possible to hire excellent human resources; new ideas created from the perspectives of different countries give various encouragements to the workplace, revitalize the company, and motivate employees.With the globalization of human resources recruitment, we will appeal our company to excellent foreign students who are still in school and connect it to future employment opportunities; help to foster a corporate culture that accepts foreigners.
ConsThe holding of proficiency tests by field varies from country to country and has not been established as a system.There are many cases where problems are caused by the "tatemae" of international contribution and the "real intention" of labor force enhancement.In order to acquire "international business/humanistic/technical knowledge", it is necessary to meet various criteria such as the relationship between the knowledge to the profession and the conditions on the part of the company.Internships are only conducted within the framework of university education, recruitment activities and internships are generally unrelated.